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Edward Quigley - Bio

Born in Islington, north London, Edward grew up on a council estate in Holloway, with family spread across the rest of the UK and Ireland.

Edward’s artwork shows a meticulous focus on detail, and he has a unique ability to recreate likeness in the portraits that he produces. A natural interest in portraiture and buildings has recently made way for a growing interest in more abstract work, moving away from graphite and ink, and towards watercolour and acrylics. “I’m naturally drawn towards the control that comes
with focusing on detail; working with ink and graphite and in black and white offers simplicity and cleanliness. But I’m increasingly finding I want to move towards the chaos of more abstract work, constantly challenging myself”.

When asked what Edward wants to convey through his work, “honesty” is the immediate response. “I want my work to reflect the questions I ask of myself and of others, or society in general. I'm part of a world I never thought I would be part of, and I still question myself on a daily basis as to whether it's a place where I belong. I think the day I feel that I've arrived is the day the creativity and desire will dry up, so I'll keep going until then”.